Chickasha Oklahoma Things To Do

December is a wonderful time to be in Chickasha, as the sparkling spirit of the community spreads holiday spirit with the annual award - the lighting facility in Shannon Springs Park. The nationally recognized event, which spans 4 miles from Shannon Springs Park and features more than 4 million lights, brings about 300,000 people to the area over the Christmas period.

Don't forget to stay in Chickasha and visit several restaurants in and around Chick Sasha, as there are local restaurants and restaurants serving a wide selection of delicious food and beverages, as well as a variety of craft beers and wines. Come and experience some of the local craft beers produced by local breweries, craft breweries and craft whiskey distilleries.

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For active travelers, visit the spring-fed lake, which offers scenic views of the Chickasha River and the Ada River, as well as historic downtown. The trip is rustic and rounded off with a visit to the old, contemporary farmhouse on the south side of the city. Visit Bushwood Golf & Country Club and enjoy a leisurely round of golf with a picnic table and hot dog and beer at the local bar or restaurant.

Because of its thriving development, Chickasha is deservedly the county seat of Grady County. The city was founded on the hilly prairie land of Oklahoma, originally inhabited by Indian tribes and herds of fallen buffalo. By 1900 it had grown to 16,000 inhabitants and was therefore known as the "Queen of the Washita Valley."

With a friendly urban atmosphere, visitors to Chickasha will surely experience a wonderful dose of Mediterranean hospitality. Imagine you stumble across a city that seems oddly perfect for friendly locals and a unique place to see. The location of Chick Sasha makes it an ideal destination for those who are on a beat beat path to the south of the city.

A strong sense of community, both past and present, has made this charming city what it is today. The citizens of Chickasha, who are proud to preserve the heritage of their beloved city, pay full respect to this history. Obviously, Oklahoma artists do not limit their work to walls, but bring their creativity to the streets and sidewalks.

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For car fans, Chickasha organizes two auto swap meetings each year, considered the largest swap meetings in the world. Take a leisurely stroll through the historic downtown area and shop at local stores, such as the local Whole Foods Market, where most of the store's products are made. Art lovers gather to celebrate the annual Montmartre Chalk Art Festival at the University of Science and Art.

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More About Chickasha