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No matter who you are, you have access to a variety of local jobs in Chickasaw County and surrounding cities, which means you have the opportunity to work near where you live. Get the Garden City Telegram and let the biggest newspaper in Oklahoma bring you the news you want. Play Oklahoma City Museum art ads and make sure you're in concert, art exhibit, and theater to enjoy the latest news, sports, entertainment, business news, and much, much more.

The local newspaper in Claremore is the Daily Progress, and subscribers get unlimited access to classified ads, as well as local news, sports, entertainment, business news and more.

Oklahoma also publishes a special where readers can search through popular automotive jobs - related listings. Below is a list of the most important jobs in the automotive industry in Chickasaw County, as well as a link to more information about each job.

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Perform inspections of elevator stations, including the correct setting of level control, cleaning of well walls, documentation of hours and meter readings, calculation of running times, fattening of grass and weeds if necessary, and reporting abnormalities to the lead technician. Maintenance of fire hydrants, including the preparation of fire hydrant reports and the fulfilment of minimum required quantities. Perform inspections of elevator stations that include the correct setting of levels and controls, cleaning wells, walls and equipment, documenting hours of counter reading, calculating running times, mowing grass or weeds if necessary, and reporting abnormalities as reported to the senior technician. The employees are predominantly employed outdoors and partly indoors as well as in confined working spaces. We are an equal opportunity employer, with all decisions made under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as a protected class of workers.

A maintenance technician is a position where you will be part of a fantastic team that maintains vehicles. They are allowed to drive company vehicles and to work as apprentices if a maintenance technician is required in the field of vehicle maintenance or maintenance of supply systems. As experience and training allows, correct electrical, mechanical and piping problems as they are managed by Lead Maintenance Mechanics. Assistance in the investigation of supply systems and assistance in the investigation of supply systems.

The classified staff consists of school employees who do not need a certification or license to be qualified for the job. Must be allowed to work in the United States and must not require a work permit or sponsorship from the Company for this position now or in the future.

Tax debt settlement services are based on specific facts, circumstances and unique situations and must be true, correct and complete. Because of these factors, you may not be eligible for a tax-settlement service based on IRS, state, or taxpayer rules. TDR service, we are responsible for promptly providing the IRS or any government agency with a list of all services provided and for what purpose and for what reason.

If you fail the NCLEX exam on the second attempt, you will be demoted to another position. This entry level position requires that you have not passed the NCCL exam until the first attempt. Click here to view a list of all tax and billing services available to you in Chickasaw County, Oklahoma.

If you are considering a position at Enterprise Holdings, we invite you to learn more about our business. As a management trainee you will get to know the company in one of our neighbourhood branches. Subscribe to our job advertisements to be automatically informed of the latest career opportunities by clicking on the "Notify" button. In this entry level position, you will be part of a fantastic team that manages vehicles for Chickasaw County, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

This position is and will continue to be based on basic installation and repair practices that will allow you to get to know the industry and develop your technical skills. This position starts with the basics of assembly and repair practice, which gives you the opportunity to get to know our industry, develop your technical skills and advance your career.